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Lighting Up the Night Sky Since 2005

The People’s Park and Recreation Foundation raises money every year for the annual 4th of July firework show in Great Falls. The original firework show was funded by the city but due to budget constraints the firework show was removed from the city budget. We then stepped in to ensure the fireworks keep going.

4th of July Firework Show

The Firework Show is our biggest project. We believe that the Firework show should continue for generations to come which is why we created the “Fireworks Forever” fund. The fund was created for the sole purpose of keeping the show going. We have received tremendous support from the community and business members and we are deeply grateful.

Fireworks Forever

If you’d like to donate to the Fireworks Forever fund you can donate online here or mail your donation (earmarked Fireworks Forever) to:

People’s Park and Recreation Foundation
P.O Box 2106
Great Falls, MT 59403